Queens of the Court Tournament - next TBA!

*What: Queens of the Court Tourney 2.0

*Where:  Kakaako Gym, 505 Kamani Street, Honolulu, Hi 96813

*Who: 3 Players per Team (girls only)

*Cost: FREE!

*21U Tournament - 2 pm 


*16U Tournament - 12 pm

*14U Tournament - 10 am

**Tournaments are subject to having enough teams signed up.

**Sponsored by the Hawaii Volleyball Foundation

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Mezzanine / Workout Equipment - Off Limits

Access to the second floor of the gym is strictly prohibited. For safety reasons, parents are responsible for keeping their children on the first floor of the gym. 

The workout equipment on the Gym Floor and on the Second Floor are for Members only during regular workout hours.  Please do not touch the workout equipment.

Tournament Rules
  • There is a Queen's side and Challenger’s side.

  • Teams flip for initial Queen's side.

  • Points are scored only from the Queen's side.

  • Challengers always serve and if they serve out this results in no points for the Queen's side.

  • If the Queens win a rally, they get a point and stay on that side.

  • If the Queens lose a rally, they are back to the end of the line on the Challenger’s side and the Challenger’s take their spot on the Queen's side.

  • In Round 1, the clock is set to 20 minutes,

  • with the team with the least amount of points at the buzzer being eliminated.

  • In Round 2, the clock is set to 15 minutes, with the team with the least amount of points at the buzzer being eliminated.

  • In the Finals, the clock is set to 10 minutes and the first team to 15 points or the team with the most points at the final buzzer wins.

  • The Team on the Queen's side at the end of each round starts the next round on the Queen's side.

  • There are 5 minute breaks between rounds.

  • If there are few teams in the tournament, teams will not be eliminated in each round but the teams with the most points at the end of the round get 5 extra points and the winner of the tournament is determined by the team with the most accumulated points in the 3 rounds.

  • If there many teams, the rounds may be set to longer periods. 

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