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Rent Court

Rentable Space:  3255 square feet!



1. Volleyball Practice Court Time: $50 per hour

2. Martial Arts, Dance, Yoga: $50 per hour

3. Events (parties, seminars, church, meetings etc: $100 per hour

1. By renting gym time, you agree that the Rental Agreement/Waiver below and Rules as posted here on the Gym Rules Page apply to your rental.

2. Payment must be made at the time of your Booking.

3. No cancellations but you may substitute another team in your place.  


By (1) renting court time or event time at Kakaako Gym; or (2) you entering Kakaako gym, you (Renter which includes Clubs, Schools, Companies and/or Individuals); and/or (2) you being permitted to enter Kakaako Gym, you hereby:  

(1) agree to pay the rental fee for time rented or reserved;

(2) agree that because your rental prevents others from renting your time, no refunds are given and you are liable for the rented time;

(3) agree that access to the stairs and 2nd Floor of the Mezzanine is Strictly Prohibited;

(4) agree that use of any gym workout equipment on site is Strictly Prohibited;

(5) agree to completely release Kakaako Gym's owners, landlord, operators, managers, coaches, volunteers and agents from any and all liability claims of any type whatsoever relating to and/or arising out of your rental, practice. training or event, whether relating to facilities, equipment or you simply being on the premises;

(6) agree that you are assuming all risks of holding practices, training, matches, meetings or events at Kakaako Gym or simply related to your being present at Kakaako Gym; and

(7) agree to defend and indemnify Kakaako Gym's owners, landlord, operators, managers, coaches, volunteers, and agents from any and all liability claims of any type whatsoever brought by Renter and/or its coaches, parents, players, family members, friends  or anyone else relating to Renter's use of Kakaako Gym or relating to any of its coaches, directors, parents, players, family members or friends' presence at the gym.