*Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the following "COVID PLAY SAFE" procedures and rules must be adhered to at Kaka'ako Gym for everyone's safety:  

1.  Capacity:  Current City Tier 2 Rules permit only 5 people in a volleyball workout in a gym., ie. 1 coach and 4 players or 5 players. Multiple groups of 5 not allowed on the other side of the court or anywhere else on the court. No switching out players.  

2. Forehead Temperature (no-contact) readings will be taken by our Automated Contactless Thermometer Scanner for everyone wanting to enter the gym.  

3.  Face Masks must be worn by everyone at all times, including when playing.  Masks must be worn properly and cannot be pulled down.

4.  Contact Tracing:  Everyone entering the gym must sign in for contact tracing purposes.

5.   "SINGLE PLAY BALL RULE": All Play/Drills begins with two (2) Black Carts of "Sanitized Balls".  A ball from a Black Cart can only be used once per serve or play and then it goes into a "Played" Red Cart.  Breaks are required when the two (2) Black Carts are empty. Balls from the two (2) "Played" Red Carts are sanitized during breaks and then placed back into the Black Carts for play.

6. "Teams" must bring sanitizing wipes to wipe balls and carts during each break.

7. We supply sanitizing wipes for open-gyms.   

8. Everyone must sanitize their hands at our Contactless Automated Purell Hand Sanitizing Stations during entry, each break and upon exiting the gym.

9. Safe spacing must be implemented as much as possible at all times. 

10. Families may sit together; everyone else must sit at least 6 feet apart.

11. Refrain from touching each other, ie.  hugging, high-fives, huddling etc.

12. Players must follow all floor markings for safe spacing.

13. Teams/Groups must spray all tables with our Covid-19 Disinfectant Spray and wipe down before leaving the gym.

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