Gym Rules


1. Only volleyball/running shoes  are permitted on the Court.

2. Only coaches and players are permitted on the Court.

3.  Mopeds, Bicycles, Scooters, and Skateboards are not permitted in the gym.

4.  Teams/Renters are responsible for cleaning the Court & Gym after each use.

5.  When done, please account for and return all balls, carts and setter's nets alongside the back-wall.


1.  Smoking, Vaping, &  Drugs are not permitted anywhere in the Gym.

2.  Cooking is not permitted anywhere in the Gym.

3.  Offensive and obscene  language, music or gestures are not permitted in the Gym.

4.  Please be considerate of our Apartment Neighbors by keeping noise levels at a reasonable level.

5.  Stairs and the 2nd Floor are Off-Limits.

6.  Alcohol is only permitted during Special Events at the Gym with Management Consent.


1. All Teams/Groups must clean up all trash and place in the trash bin.

2. This is a PRIVATE gym. Do NOT let anyone not associated with your group enter the Gym.  You are responsible for the actions of everyone you allow into the Gym. Call 911 if anyone trespasses into the Gym.  This is for the safety of everyone in the Gym.

3.  Do NOT let anyone not associated with your club or group use our restroom facilities.

4.  The Flowater and Restroom are for your team/group only.


1.  The second floor is Off-Limits.

2.  The workout Equipment is only for the use of ROM 8 Minute Fitness Members during regular ROM gym hours.

3.  Do NOT attempt to use any of the workout equipment.

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